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EJ King Talks Ending Friendship With Megan Thee Stallion And JT Of The City Girls Wanting To Fight

EJ King Former Stylist To Megan Thee Stallion
If you're messy and you know it clap your ass cheeks

Jazzy Mcbee got an EXCLUSIVE interview with messy bottom stylist EJ King. EJ, who is most known for dressing Megan Thee Stallion up as a WWE champion, spoke to Jazzy about ending his friendship with Megan, JT of the City Girls wanting to fight him, and how wanted to be like Kollin Carter and Law Roach.



EJ finally clarified what went wrong between him and Megan Thee Stallion.

EJ basically claims that Megan/her management replaced him as her stylist without a heads up. He would be excited about a gig and have a WWE outfit ready to go, but Meg would already be dressed when he would show up to style her. I may have paraphrased a little🥴.

As a 14-year vet, EJ should have spoken directly to Megan and her management the first time he showed up to style her, and she was already dressed. Did he not see Brooklyn Styles working?

I feel that EJ is leaving parts of the story out, but I am not Queen Nella, so we will give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he saying what pretty much happened. I only say that because as a person who did try to work in the entertainment industry, I know it's cutthroat and no place for the passive. By not speaking up, he played himself. EJ is bitter because he knows he was not delivering, and he allowed himself to look stupid, showing up with clothes and no client to dress.

EJ and Megan may be similar in that both like to avoid confrontation, so they both did not say what needed to be said. However, Megan is the star, so she is going to be Ok.



We all know that Jason Lee reported that Megan Thee Stallion and EJ got into during Cardi's party blah blah. EJ said they did talk, but it was at the end of Cardi's party, and it was JT who wanted to fight LOL.

EJ is on his Kelsey Nicole sh*t. He painted this image of himself as a guy who doesn't really drink, but the girls were "faded." This whole trend of painting men as the only ones who can handle their liquor, but the girls stay drunk is such bullsh*t. At the end of the day, EJ knows damn well that going on IG Live repeatedly to explain a situation that was no one business and that Twitter celebrated was him being messy. He made a behind the scene issue into a public issue and acted no better than Arrogant Tae.

I also heard EJ was feeding stories to TMZ, and that is why Megan wanted to speak to him.



EJ should just live in his messy bottom truth.

EJ did reveal something that I thought was interesting. He spoke on how he wanted a relationship with a female artist just like Kollin Carter has with Cardi or Law Roach with Zendaya. I think that is part of what he is mourning besides just losing a friendship with Megan Thee Stallion. He really saw himself being the next Kolin or Law Roach but was proven not to be on their level.

It's interesting that Megan works with Law Roach on HBO Max's Legendary. I wonder if he hooked her up.


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