While many people are making decade-end lists about the best rappers, albums, and songs, I want to address something that is affecting Black female artists.

"Those who do not remember the past, are doomed to repeat it"

In back to back decades, we have seen two Black female superstars whiteballed/blackballed in an attempt to ruin their careers. In the previous decade, we saw Janet Jackson "whiteballed" after her "wardrobe malfunction" at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. This decade, we saw Nicki Minaj "blackballed" due to a label being resentful of her longstanding dominance within female Hip Hop.

People ignored what was happening to Janet Jackson, and that allowed a label to feel very comfortable in their attempts to destroy Nicki Minaj's career. Let's not have a 3-peat and protect future superstars like Megan Thee Stallion and Normani.


Janet Jackson vs Les Moonves - former CEO and Chairman of CBS

After the Super Bowl in 2004, Les Moonves reportedly became "obsessed with ruining Janet Jackson's career." Moonves was upset that Janet Jackson refused to "Cry Him A River" the way Justin Timberlake did. So, to get revenge on Janet, Les Moonves:

  • Banned Janet from the Grammys

  • "Allegedly," told VH1 and MTV to stop playing Janet's music videos and songs

  • "Allegedly" Moonves used his influence to have radio stations stop playing Janet's music

All of this affected the sales of Janet Jackson's album, Damita Jo, which was released a month after the incident. The "whiteballing" not only damaged Janet's career but changed her legacy. Since stats rule the music world, let's look at Janet's stats:

  • 1 Academy Award Nomination

  • 11 American Music Awards

  • 11 Billboard Music Awards

  • 5 Grammys (more than Drake)

  • 9 Guinness World Record

  • 9 MTV Video Music Awards (more than Rihanna)

  • 2 MTV Europe Awards

  • 13 Soul Train Awards

  • 7 Number One Albums

  • 10 Number One

Les Moonves successfully "whiteballing" Janet Jackson, for doing nothing more than not kneeling to him. So are we shocked that it would be tried again?


Nicki Minaj vs Atlantic Records + Industry Phoneys

I am not going to detail the whole Nicki Minaj "blackballing" that occurred this decade. We already know that Atlantic Records offered record deals to female rappers ONLY if

they agreed to diss Nicki Minaj. No "allegedly" needed. Rappers Lady Leshurr, Cupcakke, and Angel Haze have confirmed this. Atlantic Records eventually found a female rapper to start a fake beef with Nicki Minaj(Read Here). Nicki Minaj had to deal with social media attacks, similar to the ones done to Hillary Clinton. People were paid to create fake fan pages, influencers/Youtubers were hired to speak negatively about her, Hip Hop media spread false narratives, and fake accounts on Twitter bashed her. Other industry people participated in this clown sh*t too.

Nicki Minaj was able to fight back with the success of Queen Radio. There was damage done to Nicki Minaj's brand; however, she is in a position to have a great comeback story.


Now that we are headed into a new decade, I do not want us to ignore the signs of this when it comes to other Black female artists. I say "female" because I cannot think of another male superstar having an industry turn on them the way it did on Janet and Nicki. We, as fans, do have power. We can stop any whiteballing/blackballing by mobilizing our support. The next ten years needs to be clown sh*t free. Knowledge is power.


KARMA ALERT: Les Moonves had to step down from his position at CBS after a dozen accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct.



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