Erica Banks "Buss It" Remix Featuring Travis Scott😳


Erica Banks dropped a remix to "Buss It" featuring autotune boy Travis Scott😳. Yes, you read that correctly...Travis "I sell sweaters, not music" Scott. That may be why he was chosen to be on this track; to help with merch sales? I get he is from Texas, but Erica does not have to have a Texas link up every song.

This remix is odder than JT dating Lil Uzi Vert.

I was not a fan of this song, and I am not a fan of rappers who overly rely on autotune, so I am not shocked that I am not feeling this. Travis doesn't even sound right until the end of his verse. Warner has access to tons of rappers, and they just picked the hottest male out of Texas, not the rapper who would make this song better.




Let me know if you're feeling it. If you don't, who should have been on the remix?


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