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Erica Banks Is Feeling Cocky Instead Of Thankful


Erica Banks decided to throw shots instead of thanks at those trying to help her 7-month old song, "Buss It." She wrote, "It's funny to see some of y'all who was talking shit months ago, dropping that #BussitChallenge😂😂😂😂😂 Y'all had a change of heart huh?

I don't know if people had a change of heart or promo money. I know she is not trying to act like Warner Records is not shoving this song at people. Warner/Atlantic are very good with the social media TikTok stuff, but I can tell by the people I follow this is not organic. Which is OK cause labels should be pushing their artists, but they just do it in such an obnoxious way, IMO.

Speaking of obnoxious, calm down, Erica. Buss It Challenge is nothing but the Cry Baby Challenge mixed with the Swipe Challenge. At some point, Erica has got to get out of someone's shadow.

Also, Erica Banks needs to change that attitude. This is the stank attitude she had after the drowning of Bethany Lartigue. I don't know if she is upset that Lebra Jolie is getting way more positive attention for her Buss It video than her or what. But, Erica does not have that "It factor" and is not that talented of a rapper to be already be sounding like Tory Lanez. I don't know what Warner told her when she signed, but she is not the next Cardi B. I told someone that Erica comes off like the Remy Ma of Texas. She can rap, but she is missing all the other elements needed to be a star.


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