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Erica Banks Is Not Here For The Baby Hair Jokes and Watch Her "Rock Out."


Erica Banks is not here for people clown'n her baby hairs. She posted, "If my baby hairs offend you, suck my d*ck w/ a lot of spit."

In music news, Erica Banks teamed up with another 1501 Certified artist, Stunna Bam, for "Rock Out." Can Erica Banks make a run for best feature artist of 2021?


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27. Feb. 2021

She can but it won't be too many big names. People will feel/make it seem like the artist is crossing Megan, if she work with people Megan have worked with. You know how they do with female rappers.

I like this verse, I didn't listen to the whole song. 2 things Erica need to work on

  1. That gut she has from drinking too much. (Detox maybe)

  2. All that got damn pointing when she rap.

She can point but it's like she does it even when she's trying to melody rap.

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