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Erica Banks Says "I Know U Hatin Hoes Sick" After Posting "Buss It" Went Gold In 6 Months


Erica Banks celebrates "Buss It" being RIAA certified gold in just 6 months...allegedly. Showing off her winning personality, she wrote, "FLOW QUEEN CHECKING IN! We went gold in 6 months with my FIRST single! ⭐️ Thank you, friends, family, djs, @tiktok, & everyone involved ❤️ my first of many! I KNOW U HATIN HOES SICK 😂😂😂🖕🏾"

Congrats to Erica, buttttttt... 6 months, where??? I know artists love making themselves look more successful than they are, but c'mon Erica. "Buss It" music video dropped June 8th, 2020, while the song premiered in May. The math ain't mathing. The only thing making "hoes sick" is that you couldn't afford a calculator or abacus before trying to talk shit in another caption.

It's been 6 months since she signed with Warner Records. After she signed, they did a week-long TikTok challenge for her already old song "Buss It." Y'all saw how all these artists started posting the challenge out of the blue, and then once the week was one remembered the song! That push did get Erica her first Billboard Hot 100 entry; however, she went right back to living in the shadow of another female rapper.

Also, I would like to point out that Carl Crawford celebrated getting this plaque last week, and he lied in his caption, saying the song went platinum. They are taking fake it til you make it to a whole new level.


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