Naturi Naughton Tapped To Be Eve's Co-Star In New ABC Drama, Queens

UPDATE: 2/26 at 1:36 PM PST

Deadline is reporting that one of Eve's co-leads in the new ABC drama, Queens, will be none other than singer/actress Naturi Naughton.

Naturi will play Jill, aka Da Thrill, the founding member of the Nasty Bitches. Today, Jill is a devout Catholic living a quiet life in Montana with her husband. However, she is still haunted by secrets. With the Nasty Bitches reuniting, it allows Jill to escape her issues at home. But, going back to Da Thrill also brings back bad memories. Jill's friendship with a young rapper helps her figure out something about her life.

I was already interested in this show, but I did not want Eve to carry the show on her own. Now, with Naturi being added, I am excited. This show may end up being a dramatic "Girlfriends."

Eve Will Star In ABC Drama, Queens, About 90s Hip Hop Group Reuniting To Recapture Lost Fame

Variety reported that Philly rap legend, Eve, is set to star in an ABC drama called "Queens." The show is about four estranged women in their 40s who reunite for a chance to recapture their past fame as the 90s Hip Hop group, "Nasty Bitches."

I don't know why this reads as more of a comedy to me, but OK.

Eve will play Brianna. Brianna, whose stage name was "Professor Sex," as one-fourth of the "Nasty Bitches" rapped about money, sex, and her all-around glamorous life. However, today Brianna is a wife and mother of five who walks around in a stained sweatsuit and barely has time to breathe. Not her old life, but she is happy with her current one.

When the opportunity arises for the group to reunite, Brianna will grapple with if she still has the confidence that made her an icon decades ago.

I'm interested to see who Eve's co-stars will be.

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