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On yesterday's episode of Everyday Struggle Nadeska, Wayno, and DJ Akademiks discussed her Apple Music interview with Cardi B. Belcalis said that it's the people who start the beefs between female rappers. Every time a new female rapper is coming up, people be in the comments talking about someone is taking "her spot."

I don't know what got into Wayno, but he seemed annoyed by Cardi B's comments. He felt that Cardi B could have "deaded" her whole thing with Nicki Minaj during that interview. He called her out by saying:

"While you saying all these other people do it, artists do it too. You get gassed up by your team. You get gassed up by other people looking at artists and saying they ain't who they used to be, then somebody saying, "You know you the next one," and you start feeling yourself; and I think that might have happened. Now, rather she is gonna admit to that or not..."


I am glad that some aren't just buying everything that Cardi B is selling. She needs to be questioned this time around because she made many people who believed in her look stupid. I also find it interesting that Ole Girl was speaking about people taking her spot. There was a screenshot floating around where someone did tell Cardi B that Megan Thee Stallion was going to "take her spot," and Cardi B came back taking shots at Megan. Now, of course, "iT wAs pHoToShOpPeD" was her response once it was posted on some pages. But, when she said that phrase, it reminded me of that incident.

Also, Cardi B is not wrong about other people trying to instigate beefs between female rappers. But, unlike how Megan Thee Stallion handled fans and media trying to get her into beefs, Cardi B played a huge role in instigating her own beef with Nicki Minaj. "Ms. Beef For Life" cannot just move on without apologies. This era for her is going to be called "APOLOGIZE."



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I see the media is try to recreate 2017/2018 all over again 😒They painting “Ole Girl” as the face of female unity and it makes me sick to my stomach‼️‼️‼️Everything she does negatively is not picked up by blogs or it’s she’s defending herself or her child so we’re not going to report it.Just last week she called to blogger , who she was beefing with a “jealous monkey”🥴but Nicki can’t have a peaceful pregnancy Without being dragged daily and Meg has to defend herself on why she shouldn’t have been shot daily, like wtf ‼️‼️‼️She should’ve been apologized to Nicki but her pride won’t let but Nicki keeping her foot her neck in every song and I love it…

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