First Round Of Grammy Voting Has Start, So Let The Games Begin!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

First Round Of Grammy Voting Starts Oct. 22nd. There are rule changes this year. No more secret committees. Will Doja Cat Be Nominated?


Today is one of those days I wish I were a fly on the wall. I would be buzzing around listening to all the phone conversations and meetings going on between CEOs, producers, artists, and Jason Lee as the first

round of Grammy voting has begun!

I know y'all did not fall for all that performative shit last year about the Grammys not being important, not being for the culture, and being corrupt? Well, the corrupt part is accurate, but artists like the Weeknd only care when it doesn't go in their favor. But, I will give him credit for doing what I suggested artists should do if they want to force real change with the Grammys, and his lone move is the reason for the secret committees being disbanded. But, other than that, everything seems status quo.

So, I fully expect those critical of the award show to have submitted their work for consideration, and if they have not started, they will be lobbying to be nominated soon.



Grammy First Round Voting Started Oct. 22nd. Who Do You Think Will Be Nominated: Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, or Drake?

Artists who released music between Sept. 1, 2020 - Sept. 30, 2021, can be considered. Nominations will be announced on Nov. 23rd.

There was not a ton of music released because artists were waiting on Drake and Kanye to drop. So, those who dropped will benefit due to lack of competition, at least in the Hip Hop categories. Even though I think Doja Cat has a great chance of winning multiple Grammys, I think there is more competition in the Pop categories. Below are my thoughts on the main contenders I hear people talking about the most.


DOJA CAT: I think Doja Cat can have a big night. Planet Her has stayed stable on the upper half of the charts, she has multiple hit songs off the album, she is liked by her peers, and the storyline of her winning is better than a Dua Lipa or any other Pop girl.

Lil Nas X: Montero is not really being celebrated, but Lil Nas X is a symbol and has a storyline that is good for the Grammys.

Drake: I don't think he deserves a nomination, but not much has gone on in Hip Hop because people were waiting on him and Kanye to drop.

Lil Baby: He is the male Cardi B. The industry wants him in a certain spot and they will work to put him there.

Lil Durk: He has put in the work and as I said, not many artists were doing much while they waited on Drake and Kanye. That works in his favor


WAP: You know people are waiting to nominate this song. That is why it was made. - NOT ELIGIBLE

I forgot Cardi missed the last Grammy because she wanted her album to be out.


Who do y'all think will and should be nominated for a Grammy?


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