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Fivio Foreign Arrested On 3 Charges, Which Include Having A Loaded Firearm W/a Defaced Serial Number





Fivio Foreign is once again in the news, and once again, it is not for his music.

On Wednesday, New Jersey police arrested Fivio Foreign, real name, Maxie Ryles, for weapons possession, a defaced firearm, and resisting arrest.

The Daily Voice reported a police Sgt approached Fivio after he left his Mercedes Benz running in a

no-parking zone. The police Sgt. requested Fivio's driver's license, but instead of complying with the request, Fivio asked if he was getting a ticket and then walked off.

A backup officer located Fivio jaywalking approx. a block away and repeatedly asked him to stop so they can talk. Fivio started running toward some luxury apartment, where he was located again inside the parking garage. That is when the officer grabbed Fivio, and a loaded .25 caliber handgun fell out of his waistband. The gun allegedly had a defaced serial number.

Fivio was handcuffed and sent to Bergen County Jail, where he currently remains.


Fivio Foreign stays in the news, and it's all bad. In Oct. 2020, I reported he was arrested for allegedly beating on his baby mama, and then in March of this year, a girl accused him of attempting to rape her.


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