FKA Twigs Talks Trying To Hide Her "Monkey-ness" While Dating Robert Pattinson


FKA Twigs opened up on the Grounded with Louis Theroux podcast about the racism she faced while dating actor Robert Pattinson. She said of his fans, "He was their white Prince Charming, and I think they considered that he should definitely be with someone white and blonde and not me."

FKA Twigs then explained how people would post photos of monkeys wearing the same outfits as her. She said it had a dysmorphic effect on her for about six months to a year. Every time she saw a photo of herself, she would think, "Gosh, I look like a monkey, and people are going to say I look like a monkey, so I need to really try and hide this monkey-ness that I have because otherwise, people are going to come for me about it." Whew, Chile!

Listening to this and knowing what she went through with Shia LaBeouf, it makes me think she may want to stop dating white men.


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