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Fox Soul's Al Reynolds Reveals Why Cardi B Is A Hot Commodity In Hollywood


Fox Soul has a Tea GIF show where they talk about current events with Claudia Jordan, Al Reynolds, and Funky Dineva.

In the latest episode, they spoke about Cardi B landing a lead acting role. I was ready for the ass-kissing, but there was none to be found. Funky Dineva said he is questioning Cardi's ability to carry a movie as lead and her range as an actress.

Like I have said, acting on social media is not the same as acting in movies. She has experience from

Hustlers, but she basically came in quickly to act as Cardi B in that film.

But it was Al Reynolds who said something that got me thinking. He said, "I find it interesting that Hispanic women who speak the way that she speaks, you know barely able to speak English, seem to be hot commodities in Hollywood."

He used Sofia Vergara as another example of someone who blew up even though many could not understand her. That also made me think of that singer Charo.

While Cardi B got hot in Hip Hop playing into negative stereotypes of Black women, do y'all think Cardi's success in acting will come from her playing into Hispanic stereotypes?


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