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Funk Flex Plans To Expose Roc Nation Over Desiree Perez Pardon

Funk Flex plans to do this big show on Desiree Perez's pardon. He claims he just found out about her past as an informant. How the hell can this be true?

Did he miss the interviews with Dame Dash mentioning it and the stories that followed? Did he sleep through Meek getting called out for working with a snitch?

Funk Flex probably meant that he never needed to speak on this before, but now that he is desperate to stay relevant, he is gonna act like this is brand new information.

Next, he will reveal who leaked "Sorry" to him...YIKES!



My forum post about Desiree Perez has always been my most popular post on that page, especially after the 6ix9ine vs. Meek shit. But the traffic to that post and my post on Meek not caring about snitches has increased like crazy lately. I guess content creators are doing their "research" for whatever "tea" they plan to spill. I'm thankful for the renewed interest in this topic.



Since everyone is into speaking on Roc Nation and Desiree Perez, why don't people who have music industry sources and way more reach than I move their investigation past Perez?

In May 2020, on Hip Hop Uncensored, Jay-Z's old running partner, Dehaven, spoke about the possibility that Jay Z is an informant. This was echoed by Dame Dash based on how he avoided charges that people around him took.

Y'all want me to believe the ONLY informant at Roc Nation is a woman. No niggas??? Meek's case got resolved the minute Desiree Perez started showing up to court with him.



I do not want anyone here to be naive enough to think that this shit only goes on with Roc Nation. Roc Nation is the one that has a paper trail that we know of and just got their CEO a pardon. This is the music industry.

This is only an issue because some artists in Hip Hop want to apply street code to the music industry. While they don't even live by the code, they push on to others.

Nicki Minaj was right when she said that if a snitch offered most of these artists a record deal, they are taking it. Some of y'all, fave artists, are probably making deals with the FEDs right now because they will not give up their new life just to stay true to a code that applied to their old life.


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya

@Kimro, I am confused as to why Desiree Perez needed the pardon too. I guess the pardon allows the paperwork to go away. I'm not sure.



Where I'm confused is, was she still doing work for them? Because what was the reason for the pardon, if she was in good hands with All-State lol. Just waiting for Beyonce to come save him from this heat, as she always does. I've seen The Jasminebrand posted yesterday about JayZ and his cannabis dealings, that story been out for at least a month now. Deflection is real.

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