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Funk Flex Says Cardi B Is a Terrible Rapper And Says Somebody Sold Her Bad Bars


Naji Chill interviewed NY loudmouth Funk Flex, and he said something that many people in the industry are scared to admit, CARDI B IS A TERRIBLE RAPPER! I don't get why that was so hard to say because we know the men have no problem calling out others no matter the gender. Even when the girls are so loud about female rap this and that, if you bring up Cardi, they lost their tongues.

Flex did qualify his statement by claiming that Cardi B is an amazing entertainer and then went on to list non-rapping things she does to entertain the people, LOL.

I will disagree about somebody sold her bad bars, cause I think she is trying to write more. She can have all the credit for her struggle rhymes, LOL.

What I liked about this was that Flex is just trying to create buzz around his new mixtape. He is doing the same thing the new Chun-Li does.


Y'all think Funk Flex went too far?


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