Gag Order vs. Gag Nation: Khia Claims Jason Lee Stole Her Concept to Create Gag Nation


Khia finally took her head out of her ass and stopped obsessing over Dwyane Wade's child to notice that Jason Lee was stealing her concept and building his own "Gag Nation." She hopped her ass on Live to chat her with "gaggers," LOL. She said, "Muthafckaz always stealing."

She is not happy with Jason Lee's new "Gag Nation" thing he trying so hard to get poppin. Khia said, "That nigga don't even know how to gag, let alone talk'n about a Gag Nation."

I think Jason got his concept from his run-in with a STAN at the bus stop, but he knew that Khia was already doing the "gag" thing. Also, his "Gag Nation" idea is not so unique and distinct that people would not automatically think of Khia too.

Since he likes fighting with Black women so much, this should be fun for him. However, people on her page said he turned off his comments - I-Oops!

Some people said that she was talking about Storm Monroe, but I don't get the connection.



Khia claims she is not about beef or drama. She said, "I don't know why y'all think I am a beefer." She said that her show is a STRUCTURED comedy, gag, roast show. Ok, she admits it's all an act. I thought she truly was a miserable woman. I still don't like her content because it does seem to come from a mean and nasty place.

I still think she self-sabotages, and that is why her success is so limited.


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