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Glorilla And Hitkidd Is Coming With That "FNF" Remix Featuring A Mystery Artist

Glorilla Releasing Remix To Summer Hit Song "FNF"


Glorilla and Hitkidd trying to turn their song of the summer, "FNF," into a fall hit with the release of a remix this week. Hitkidd posted the cover art with the featured artist hidden.

Do y'all know who it could be or who you want it to be?

I hope this is a real remix. I want it to be different but just as good as the original.


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Hitkidd said he was going to ask Megan to be on it

Replying to

It's latto. Gorillas a&r told me lol I'm hoping he wasn't lying I don't feel like hearing "megan ruined the song"

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