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GloRilla Proves She Lives Her Raps With Breast Implants Reveal

Last night on IG Live, Glorilla beat bloggers to the punch, owning up to her recent transformation – she got breast implants. This revelation came right on cue with the release of Fendida Rappa's "In The Trunk," where she spits:

"Givin' me backshots, got me screamin' like Ricky (Bah-bah) I'm on my bullshit; I just bought some new titties."

Props to Glorilla for living her lyrics and looking good while doing it. Let's give credit where it's due – those implants of hers are on point, fitting her body size seamlessly and looking completely natural. I probably wouldn't have even noticed if she hadn't told on herself.



Check out the video for "In The Trunk" below:


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