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Grammy Nominated Rapper GloRilla Responds To Rumors About Alleged Pregnancy


Gloss Up's post showing love to her bestie GloRilla after the release of their collab "BestFrenn" got the trolls going when Gloss mentioned how they got pregnant at the same time.

Gloss Up Thanks Bestie GloRilla After Collab On "BestFrenn"

That is all it took for the Scooby Doo crew to turn this into a mystery that needed solving and start searching through GloRilla's Facebook page for "evidence." Soon pictures of GloRilla with a belly started popping up on social with trolling comments.

GloRilla has responded to the hoopla, "Y'all slow AF I was jp on dat picture. Nobody knew when I actually was pregnant till it was gone."

GloRilla Responds To Pregnancy Rumors.


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