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Dreamdoll is featured on Bandhunta Izzy's new song "Vibes." Dreamdoll is really proving she does have that #NightmareFlow in a good way. Her tone and cadence are what some other Bronx rappers should strive for.

Did Dreamdoll "Go Awwwf?"

"I thought I told y'all the vibes was suck my dick (whew)

Last time I heard a n*gga tryna talk too slick (yea)

My walk to thick, I walk through get all you sick

Leave a n*gga on read cause I brought them crips

I'm on some sh*t flaming hot want all my chips (uh)

I want talk to me nicely on all my whips (okay)

I ain't no average bitch, I'm a savage bitch (what)

Fuck ya man send home you can have this bitch

I show up after ya L's , I'm about these M's

Then I flip it on bitches I'm about these wins

Wear my natural hair out, how about these ends

Got fans in Japan how about these yins

You prefer to get common so you follow the trends

I prefer to get commas we cannot be friends

And Izzy a Bandhunta so we might be twins

You got Dream Doll spit'n and you might see spins...fck it up"

P.S. We all know she did not write it...blah, blah. Just let me know what you think about her overall performance.


The track is on Bandhunta Izzy's new album "Invite Only"


  1. 20 Ball

  2. All in it ( feat. Yella Beezy)

  3. Freestyle (feat. YFN Lucci)

  4. Vibes ( feat. Dream Doll)

  5. OTW (feat. Zonnique)

  6. Something Different (feat. Derez De'Shon)

  7. Guwop (feat. Hoodrich Pablo Juan)

  8. Bacc n' Forth, Pt. 2 (feat. Bandhunta Jugg)

  9. Givenchy (feat. Young Crazy)

  10. 40 Bars (feat. JayFizzle, Young Crazy, YFN Kay, & Sambo)

Check out the album and let me know what your favorite track is.


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Apr 12, 2020

Her cadence is sexy with just a bit of grittiness. It works for her.


The Priestessshood
The Priestessshood
Apr 10, 2020

She’s really improving. I like it lol

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