Grammy Interim Chief, Harvey Mason, Is Committed To Developing A Better Relationship With Lil Wayne

Earlier today, Lil Wayne tweeted about the Grammys out of the blue. He said,

"As an artist when I see da Grammys coming up, and I'm not involved nor invited, I wonder. Is it me, my musik, or just another technicality? I look around w respect and wonder competitively, am I not worthy?! Then I look around and see 5 Grammys looking bak at me, and I go to the studio."

I thought Lil Wayne had more than 5 Grammys for some reason.

Karen Civil reported that the Academy's Interim Chief Harvey Mason Jr spoke with YM president Mack Maine about Lil Wayne's tweet. After the conversation, the Grammys have committed to developing a better relationship with Lil Wayne in the future.

Hmmm...Lil Wayne has really been making news lately.

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