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Grammy Nominations Are Here! (Updated)


It's that time again, where people who dogged the Grammys last year happily submitted their songs in hopes of being nominated. I am only going to focus on the categories we really care about. I will update as the nominations come in.


People are complaining that this Rap Album list is boring. Ohhhh, really??? But it wasn't boring when the same men in the media were pushing hard to get high first-week sales for these projects, minus "Donda."

This is what happens when people trash female rap albums out of jealousy.

I would love for "Donda" to win. Put the icing on their bitter-ass cupcake.


I am so happy they got this addition. It is long overdue. People should be celebrating the new category instead of trying to create storylines.

I personally would like to see Doja Cat win.


I don't know how a song that had legit claims that it was stolen gets a Grammy nom, but Okkkk.

I am so happy that Thot Shit was nominated. Getting past the name of the song, the song was Megan spitting bars and the music video had a broader message than the song.

With that said...I think "Family Ties" should win.


I have been on my Hip Hop shit the past year, so I can't even call it. But, I do know that H.E.R. is a Grammy magnet. The girl gets nominated every year and leaves with at least one award.


I only gave SZA's "Good Days" and it's definitely good enough for win.


This is easy for me...KISS ME MORE! I played the hell out of that song.


People were just joking about Saweetie being the best new artist at another award show and here she is for a Grammy! I love that for her. I think it will go to Olivia Rodrigo or Baby Keem.


I would love for Kiss Me More to win, but this stiff competition.


Y'all know who I am rooting for.



I want to address this pessimistic attitude towards Doja Cat's chances of winning. If this was fan-voted, then it would be challenging, but it's not. The Grammys are basically peers reviews; that is why so many artists get emotional over this award. So, the fact that her PEERS deemed her worthy of 8 nominations is a great sign. Also, I always hear great things about Doja when I am in rooms with people in the industry. She gets respect for not just being an artist who is handed music to sing, but she has an active role in creating the songs, and it's noted, even though I guess it's not in the credits I have heard.

The Grammys are about narratives and relationships, and I feel Doja Cat has both. Now, I don't think she will sweep, but I would be shocked if she comes home empty-handed. But, it's not like the Grammys have not surprised me before by set'n some artists up, but I don't think this is the case with Doja. I just have a feeling she will come home with at least one trophy. So, if you're a kitten or a casual Doja fan, don't stress about her winning. Enjoy the nominations.


Sidenote: For those of you obsessed with Billboard, this is not their awards. This is the Grammys which is voted on by people who know how songs go up the charts. Nominations and winners are supposed to be on the merit of the music and to remind the voters, the Academy even added it into their rules. So, artists couldn't use their chart standings as an argument for nominations or for wins in their "For your consideration..." pleas.


What are y'all thoughts on the nominations and who do you want to win?


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