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On June 16th, 1971, one of the most impactful rappers of any time was born. Tupac Amaru Shakur, or simply known as 2 Pac, may have been born in the east, but his heart was always with the WEST.

Tupac got his start dancing for Bay area rap group Digital Underground. It was on their track "Same Song," where he got to show off his rapping skills and stole the show. It was from there he got to release his own

successful albums that are still relevant today. Besides the music, 2 Pacs "BIG MOUF" garnered him a lot of attention because he spoke for equality, the culture, and Black women.

People falsely claim that Tupac was a contradiction, but really he is one of the few rappers who are not afraid to show the different sides of himself. So many rappers play into a one-dimensional role, with fans believing gangsta rappers never laugh and those sensitive rappers would never be assholes. Tupac was a rapper, activist, poet, actor, son, spark, etc.

2 Pac lives on forever!


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