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Hip Hop Mogul Deb Antney Gets Her Own Scripted Drama Show "Bev Is Boss"

Per Deadline, Deb Antney is going to make her mark on the entertainment world with her new scripted drama, Bev is Boss. The show follows Antney's career as a music industry executive who famously launched the careers of high-profile artists such as Gucci Mane, French Montana, and Nicki Minaj.

Antney is not just the subject of the show, she's also an executive producer, and has been heavily involved in its development. In a statement, Antney expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to tell her story in a uniquely personal way. "Being vulnerable and letting others in isn’t exactly a comfortable place for me,” said Antney. “However, it’s where I needed to go creatively to tell this uniquely personal story."

Jamie Foxx and Datari Turner will executive produce the show for Foxxhole Productions, alongside Antney and Nikaya D. Brown Jones, who is also serving as the showrunner. Trey Haley will serve as co-executive producer and director, while Carl Weber will be co-executive producer and writer. Nikki Love and Ashley

McFarlin will executive produce for WE tv.

This exciting new show promises to give viewers an inside look at the entertainment industry, and the role that Antney played in shaping the careers of some of hip hop's biggest stars. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Antney's story is especially important and inspiring, and the fact that she is telling it herself makes it all the more powerful.

Bev is Boss is set to air on WE tv this summer, with an eight-episode season. With such a talented team of producers, writers, and directors involved, it's sure to be a must-watch for anyone interested in hip hop or the entertainment industry in general. Keep an eye out for this exciting new show and get ready to be inspired by Deb Antney's incredible story.


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