Hitmaka A.K.A. Yung Berg sat down with Ebro on Hot97 to talk about the highs and lows of his music career. Hitmaka, who is not only a top music producer but a VP at Atlantic Records, spoke about the time when no one wanted to work with him after he became a social media joke. Ebro asked him who was that person who gave him a shot despite what others were saying. Hitmaka credited Nicki Minaj with being that person who put him on during that low period of his career. He ended up with 6 records on her hit album The PinkPrint.


Hitmaka already told a similar story about Nicki Minaj on The Breakfast Club and who knows where else. I guess this story is part of his promo run. Atlantic Records stays using Nicki Minaj. If Nicki Minaj was the one who gave Hitmaka a chance to get hot again, then why is she having so many issues with that label? Hitmaka is a VP over there, so I got to look at him with a side-eye. In fact ever since he got over there, I haven't heard anything good about that label. I am not saying he is the problem but.....

Instead of sitting in the studio making generic "hit songs", while drinking and smoking for hours; he needs to control his artists. While Hitmaka is "showing love" to Nicki Minaj, Bhad Bhabie is out here being mad disrespectful. Let's not forget that last year Asian Doll exposed that Bhad Bhabie was told to diss Nicki Minaj. Bhad Bhabie was a fan of Nicki, until someone got in her ear.

Until Nicki Minaj publicly co-signs Hitmaka, I view these stories as just a way to distance the label from the negative rumors that people are starting to believe.


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