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Hazel-E responds to this story about Hitmaka being accused of pistol-whipping his girlfriend.


The Blast is reporting that Atlantic Records' A&R Exec., Hitmaka AKA Yung Berg, has been accused of pistol-whipping his girlfriend during a verbal dispute in Los Angeles. The girlfriend ended up in the hospital with a broken nose. See the photo below from The Blast.

This is crazy. Hitmaka was talking about how he was staying in the house due to the Coronavirus and was going to just listen to beats. It looks like he decided to give the "beats" instead.

We know at this time it's just allegations. He is innocent until...blah, blah, blah.


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Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith
Mar 16, 2020

We'll see if she press charges on him cuz if she really is a victim she would have been pressed charges on him and sued tf out of him afterwards and idk how Atlantic will help him out of this they money spent by making cardi b a generic bargaine brand nicki minaj/Iggy azealea

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