R&B Singers Tank and J Valentine, of the RnB Money Podcast, interviewed Atlantic Records VP and Producer Hitmaka. Hitmaka spoke about his start in the industry as a child rapper who was signed by DMX to becoming a record executive who will never rap again.

Highlights from this interview are:

  • Being in the studio with Ray J as he records "Sexy Can I" while watching white people porn

  • Walking in on Whitney Houston as she is getting undressed

  • Becoming Nicki Minaj's "guy"

  • Being told he's the Stevie J of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Hitmaka tells a story about how Ray J needed to get into a "vibe" to record "Sexy Can I" so he puts on "white people porn" LOL. At the time he is with Tierra Marie and she is not feeling his vocal runs...hehehehe.

Hitmaka starts being a chatty patty and mentions that Ray J was having sex with Keyshia Cole and then goes into a story about walking in on Whitney Houston as she is getting undressed.

Hitmaka talks about meeting and working with Nicki Minaj for the first time and becoming her "guy."

Hitmaka says that Nicki Minaj allowed him to use her name to show he was working with A-Listers while he was on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Hitmaka recalls how he was set up with Hazel E and Mona Scott told him he is the "Stevie J of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" and explained why the actors on the show do outrageous things.

If you want to watch the full show CLICK HERE

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