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I Didn't Tell Megan Thee Stallion To Be Spiteful, I Told Her To Be Like Nas


Someone from Nas's camp went on Twitter Spaces and spilled the dirt on what went wrong with the Kanye-produced "Nasir" album. In a bullet point outline, a listener detailed the chaos surrounding that project and how it messed up Nas's ability to get out of his deal with his label because they refused to count that project as an album.

So in response, Nas collected the "worst cuts" of scrapped songs, created "The Lost Tapes 2," and delivered his final project to Def Jam.

Someone From Nas's Camp Spilled The Dirt On How Kanye Messed Up Nas's Last Album With Def Jam.

The explanation of how Nas got out of his contract with his label reminded me of a blog that used the phrase "out of spite" to describe my suggestion that Megan Thee Stallion toss together an album using minimal effort in order to fulfill her contract with Carl Crawford.

I had to laugh when I read that phasing because what I suggested is not uncommon, and if I gave that same advice to a male rapper, I highly doubt that it would be viewed as "spite." Instead, that wording was used because I, as a Black woman, dared to advise another Black woman to play the same game her male counterparts have been playing for years.

Did Nas look spiteful for dropping "The Lost Tapes 2" or like an artist ready to move on to bigger and better things?

I hope Megan has scrapped songs ready to go, just in case, because a lot of coincidences went in Carl's favor the other week. First, there was a document already prepared to give 1501 a victory, and somehow that document got in front of a judge, who apparently, does not read motions before signing them and whose clerk just so happened to upload it to the court's website.

So, yeah, I was not telling Megan to be spiteful; just be like Nas.


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I don't think she'll win because as you said why was there already a document prepared for her to lose with. Carl is mad because megan has blown up without him and now he wants to humble her and make it seem as though she's "fell off". It'll be interesting how next year pans out for her. Smh

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And he gone reject every project she submits. At this point all she can hope is the judge will see how hostile the environment is and let's her go.


Nov 16, 2022

She didn’t move like Nas from the beginning so Carl is going to expect her to hand in throwaways and he’ll just reject it. Nas never put up a fuss publicly.

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Yup. Megan is In for the worse.

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