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I Heard A Rumor: Charlamagne Had An Affair With Wendy William's Husband Kevin Hunter...Allegedly

Richard Lomax voice: "Oh My Gawwwd"



A little canary sent me this video of that IE Network guy Heaven Hollywood speaking on the Wendy Williams Movie. He alleges that Charlamagne fell out with Wendy Willaims because he was sleeping with her husband, Kevin Hunter...🤭

Didn't I say that I wanted to see why she fell out with Charlamagne in her movie!

Now, I did remember hearing an interview where Charlamagne made it seem like Kevin put a wedge between him and Wendy. When I tried to find that interview, I came upon a Brilliant Idiots episode where CTG spoke on why he is no longer cool with Wendy Williams or Kevin Hunter.

Charlamagne claims that Kevin got mad at him because he thought Charlamange was trying to hook up his mistress, Sharina Hudson, with another dude. Remember it was Charlamagne who introduced Sharina to Kevin. Charlamagne said of Kevin Hunter, "He is a legendary sucka on some legendary sucka shit."

Even if the rumor of CTG sleeping with Kevin is a total lie, I find it just as interesting that Sharina Hudson was Charlamagne's friend. Where Charlamagne goes, bullshit follows.


This is an UNVERIFIED RUMOR. Y'all can see the source of this information and decided on your own if you believed it or not.



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