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I Know What You Did Last Night

These are after dark social media posts or stories of A, B, C, and D-list celebrities that I don't feel deserve their own post. Enjoy!


Yung Miami being Yung Miami...LOL


Kelsey Nicole with some late-night tweets. She tweets about how she inspire these bitches, then that she is still learning Twitter, and lastly that she just trolls the trolls. How you learning Twitter but trolling?


Soulja Boy announces new album coming 2021.


Cardi B is going on a diet. I find it odd that she would go on a diet when she has made it clear she loves her surgeries.


Ari Fletcher acting crazy with Arrogant Tae. Where is Moneybagg Yo?


Um...I could have sworn that Kidd Kenn was still a minor and Delliboe is not...


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