I listened to the City Girls album "City On Lock." The album has 15 tracks and runs 36 minutes.

1- Enough/Better - The "Enough" half of the track is OK. I expected something much more compelling for it to be the intro to the album. This song could have easily been placed middle of this project.

WTF Verse - "Fuck a nigga in a sports car

Spike his drink at a sports bar"

My eyes got big when I heard this verse considering QC's connection with someone known for spiking drinks. I personally don't care, but I was shocked JT would go there with all the drama there was surrounding this topic.

Now, the "Better" half of the track is where they got my attention. I wish this part was the whole song. "Better" is where JT and Yung Miami rap about their individual struggles and how they came through it. This is the type of intro I was expecting.

Standout Verse - "I'm fresh out, niggas comin in varieties

I'm fighting blogs, fighting demons, and anxiety - JT

For the type of music, the City Girls make, which is very materialistic, very transactional, i.e., give me a

Birkin, I'll give you pussy type rap. I love that JT actually mentioned fighting demons and anxiety. That is some real sh*t. That verse reminded me that the City Girls blew while JT was locked up. She came out to a world that was very different than the one she knew before prison. That line made JT more intriguing to me as a rapper.

2- SKIT - I love albums with skits. I wish there were more skits

3- Jobs - This is the song the girls teased months ago, and I liked the snippet back then. Listening to the song, I just realized that the beat is very similar to Drake's "Nonstop." I almost said, "I just flipped the switch" when the song started lol. I feel like "I don't work job, bitch I am a job" will be in everyone's captions.

In the music video, Yung Miami looked like the star. It will be interesting if she always stands out, but her and Saucy Santana got all my attention.

4- Broke N*ggas feat. Yo Gotti - This is that classic City Girl sound. Their longtime fans should be happy. It sounds cool to me. The beat gets you moving and the City Girls are talking their sh*t. The chorus does kinda make me laugh.

5- Pussy Talk feat. Doja Cat - I expected so much more from this song. First, off it throws me off how much Yung Miami sounds like Bhad Bhabie on the hook. Second, at some point in the song I expected to hear "This pussy clean, this pussy squeaky" LOL. Third, Doja Cat did not do what she had to do. She should have shined on this track and she came off awkward. Her flow as off. But, I can see people liking the song.

6 - That Old Man - THIS IS MY SONG! Following in the footsteps of Ice Cube and Slick Rick, they turned a nursery rhyme raunchy. You got me...nuff said.

7- City On Lock feat. Lil Durk - This is the strongest track on the album IMO. Lil Durk sounds great on the hook and Yung Miami shines on this track. They talking that street sh*t.

Standout Verse: "Y'all bum niggas, caught me lackin', hit the wagon up

Now the hood lookin' for 'em, 'bout to body bag 'em up" - Yung Miami

I love that she addressed a real incident, but I also felt like she said too much lol. But, I like when rappers address real-life sh*t. So, I will be playing this song over and over and over.

8 - Winnin - This is an album filler song to me.

9 - Come Outside - I like this one. It's catchy to me.

Did Hear Verse: It's fuck these niggas 'cause they kiss and tell (Fuck 'em)

And half of these niggas ain't shit in bed

Dick was trash, I'd rather get the head (Trash)

Bitch niggas make me want a bitch instead (Haha) - Yung Miami

10 - Flewed Out feat. Lil Baby - Another solid track. It sounds like Lil Baby and Gunna's "Drip Too Hard."

This is probably the best I have heard Lil Baby. The fact that I can understand WTF he was saying is a major plus and to hear he's not talking BS, was a pleasant surprise. But, I still think the City Girls standout. I like Lil Baby doing the chorus, and the girls coming in with their verses.

11 - Rodeo - This is riding the rodeo wave that Megan started. I don't know how to fill about this track. The chorus does nothing for me, but I like when the girls rap. I guess I would call it a filler track, but one I don't mind.

12 - Double CC's - OK

13 - That's My Bitch - It sounds familiar but can't think about what song it reminds me of. I see Mannie Fresh and Birdman are listed as writers. It's probably one of their old songs.

14 - Friendly - It's OK. I can see myself randomly singing it. That's all.

15 - Ain't Saying Nothing - Another song where the girls are speaking on their struggles. Yung Miami's flow is so off on this track. Um...it's really short so it is what it is.


Overall I would say the girls did not show much growth. I wonder if this is their "debut album" or a "mixtape?" If the goal was to feed their core fans, then they did that. If the goal was to grow their fanbase, I think they came up short. Oh and they sound like they are trying to get a Birkin deal on this album.

Doing this reminded me why I don't do track by track reviews. Damnnnn...this sh*t takes too long, but I lived to write about it.

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