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Tory Lanez, Joe Budden Podcast, and Smear Campaigns


Pint-size Tory Lanez, who is due back in court next month on his charges he SHOT Megan Thee Stallion, continues to play to the blogs instead of potential jurors. He posted photos joking about feet, which many believe makes fun of the shooting.

This is what I love about narcissists; they can't stop digging holes for themselves.


Anyways, speaking of narcissists and abusers, Joe Budden hopped on his struggling podcast on that "network," if you can actually call it a network. How many podcasts are left over there?

Anyways, he did what he normally does. He spoke on Tory's case as if he knew more shit than anyone else and tried his best to make it about a Black woman trying to ruin a Black man. This whole Kevin Samuels type-content these men attempt is not only played out but also dangerous for us Black women. So, it must be addressed.



I mean c'mon son. This is a basic fact that anyone talking about this case should know and agree upon no matter which side you believe. Joe's co-host said that Tory Lanez was only charged with possession of a gun and wasn't even charged with shooting Megan.

It doesn't seem strange to them that a gun possession charge would take this long and then why would gun residue and bullet fragments be an issue???? Who can listen to these fools and not shake their heads? Tory was indicted on TWO CHARGES: one felony count each of assault with a semiautomatic firearm — personal use of a firearm — as well as carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm.

I am pretty sure the assault charge is related to shooting Megan. If they got this wrong, it gotta make you wonder what else they got wrong.


One of the narratives I see a lot of pro-Tory Lanez blogs trying to push was the Tory was never allowed to speak. That is a flat-out LIE. Since it's a LIE, no wonder Joe Budden pushed that same narrative on his podcast.

Let's get to the truth:

July 12 - Shooting

August 4th - Video surfaces of Tory Lanez hiding out in Florida and acting strange while at McDonald'

August 20th - Megan Names Tory As the Shooter

August 24th - DJ Akademiks Confirms That Tory Lanez is working a smear campaign against Megan

Sept. 25th - Daystar drops

Sept. 29th - Billboard does a story exposing Tory Lanez and his Team for creating fake emails pretending to be 300 Ent. telling multiple media outlets that Megan does not want to testify against Lanez. Multiple people confirm incident via Twitter

Oct. 21st - Tory Lanez spends an hour on IG Live refusing to say he did not shoot Megan or name Kelsey as the shooter. He just goes over glass and what he thinks Megan was thinking.

Oct. 2020 - Megan gets a restraining order which included a gag order about speaking on the shooting

Tory Lanez had 4 MONTHS/Approx. 120 DAYS to speak up and name Kelsey, drop any videos, etc., before the gag order. The gag order came because he was talking behind-the-scenes, conducting a smear campaign (which continues), and gaslighting. Is this how innocent Black men act?

So, this BS that Tory could not speak while Megan could is nonsense, considering that Megan was harassed into speaking. Do I have to make another timeline on when she told and how blogs demanded she name Tory as the shooter, or she was lying????


One of the 3 stooges, said that there was no GSR on Tory Lanez at all. Where did he get that from? Tory's lawyer would not be doing her job if she was the one to reveal there was GSR found on Tory Lanez. That does not help her client, so why would she reveal that. But, if there was none found, she would definitely be screaming that from the highest mountains. She has NEVER said that. She only wants people to know that others had GSR on them too.

The guy who said this sounds like the same one who said Tory was not even charged with shooting Megan. He is on a fck'n roll.


This is the part I really wanted to address but ended up hearing a bunch of other BS. Joe Budden claims THE INDUSTRY found out what happened and that is why BRAND CONSCIOUS artists are hanging around him; Drake, DaBaby, and Chris Brown. Um...what?? LOL.

First off, only Drake is brand conscious out of that group and he probably was doing a favor for J Prince/J Prince Jr. Aren't we all still wondering what is up with the YK Osiris thing???? But, to say that DaBaby and Chris Brown are brand-conscious artists is laughable, LOL. They are the least brand-conscious mofos in the game.


Let's be honest, THE INDUSTRY did not find out shit. The MEN in the industry, are just rallying around each other because they do not like men being held accountable for their abusive, homophobic, and misogynist behavior. It's Black men protecting the status quo in HIp Hop, it's not this big mystery they solved. They are afraid that if Tory Lanez is held responsible for his actions, that can start a domino effect that may eventually topple over one of their pieces.


This is nothing but the continued smear campaign that has been going on since the shooting.


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