I joined TikTok and Triller. I'm getting wild and crazzzy in 2020 LOL. Here is my first TikTok video:

I am still trying to figure out how to use it. But, what got me interested in even joining was the research I was doing on how labels/artists use platforms like TIKTOK/Triller to get radio play/streams/chart position.

From what I understand, TikTok has music licenses with labels, so if a song is played on that platform, it counts as a stream. Please correct me if I am wrong, I only read a couple of articles today.

One article I read really got my interest. Here is a quote from the article:

When I was at Eleven Seven Music, I learned the concept of creating song familiarity for radio call-out. The idea was to ensure the hook of a track was heard enough times by the listening public to receive a high familiarity rating in radio station focus groups.  The higher the rating was in the station research, the more likely the song was to receive airplay. The more airplay a song receives the more likely fans are to purchase music or concert tickets by that artist. Familiarity breeds affinity in music rather than contempt.

Jimmy Iovine did an interview with Steve Stoute on Tanning of America. He spoke about how radio refused to play "Dre Day." So, he bought radio ads that just played clips of the song. Listeners started requesting the song based off those ads. I think that was such a brilliant idea. Jimmy Iovine basically did the first TIKTOK lol.

It's not just for new artists. Established artists should take advantage of the platforms. I think they should be buying ads on these platforms and have a social media 'street" team creating videos. Megan Thee Stallion joined TikTok. It will be interesting to see how she uses the platform to help push her new album.

Like I said, I was reading some articles. I am far from an expert. But, I find it interesting.


FULL VIDEO of The Tanning Effect: Jimm Iovine Pt. 2


Anyone familiar with how TikTok/Triller is being used by labels/artists.

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