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I Vicariously Lived Through Nicki Minaj As She Slapped And Shoved Barbz At U.K. Meet-N-Greet


Nicki Minaj is going viral again after videos showing her doing what we all wish we could do - slapping and shoving Barbz.

I was laughing so hard watching Nicki show out at her U.K. meet-n-greet. Nicki really thinks everyone is her son...bwhahahahaha. This was so performative and will probably end up being her best performance

of the year.

Speaking of performances, Angela Yee finally spoke out about Hulu-gate at Essencefest. According to Angela, she was instructed not to mention Nicki's name in connection to the Hulu streaming because Nicki refused to permit them, even though streaming was in the contract all the performers signed. So I guess the issue was it being on Hulu's platform.

Speaking of streaming, I noticed Nicki's Wireless performance is still not up on the BBC website, so obviously, Nicki does not want her performances streamed (or critiqued).

It's Nicki's right not to be streamed for whatever reason. But when it comes to the Essencefest drama, to have that issue unresolved all the way up til she was to take the stage is so fck'n unprofessional. This is why I scoffed, yep, I said "scoffed," at the idea of her owning a management company or managing herself. It's simply not her or Kenny's lane.

Deals concerning if Nicki can be streamed or not should be worked out well before the show and before her fans sign up for 7-day subscription trials...PERIODT.


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