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I Wanted To Like Nicki Minaj's Sit Down With Joe Budden But I Didn't...Welp

I Failed Nicki's Intelligent Black Woman Test


Nicki Minaj's sit-down "interview" with Joe Budden further exposed how closed off of a person Nicki Minaj has truly become. The fun-loving, cocky female rapper from Queens, who once said in an interview that her most valuable asset is her tongue, came across as tongue-tied when it came to opening up and offering any honest insight into who she is as an artist and woman today.

Instead, we got a boring PR-driven show with Nicki Minaj looking like a shell of herself and utterly

Nicki Minaj Sits Down With Joe Budden For An Interview.
Nicki Minaj Bored With This Interview Too

defeated, as Joe Budden was relegated to being a prop on his own show. Nicki, who fully controlled that interview, stayed in her comfort zone of offering long-winded commentary on other rappers, lecturing us on what is wrong with the culture and Hip Hop, and reminding us all how much she had been wronged. Oh, and we can't forget how she fed the blogs a headline by complimenting Lil Kim.

While this sit-down may have been good enough for those who STAN Nicki Minaj, to someone more familiar with Nicki Minaj and her industry issues, this was a bait and switch interview.

While Nicki Minaj offered insight into Yesterday's Nicki (body insecurities) and the olive branch to yesterday's beef (Lil Kim), we really got nothing about today's Nicki Minaj.

What about today's beefs? What about the blackballing? What about the lawsuit? What about anything that is actually affecting her career currently? I did not want to hear her whine about not being able to wear a pink wig on a magazine cover for which seemed like an hour with that Fran Drescher-ish voice. I did not want to watch her kissing Joe's ass just cause he said she deserves a Grammy. Joe has admitted he is a Grammy voter, who does not vote. So, he wants people to do for Nicki what he is not willing to do for her; which is vote🥴




While Nicki's olive branch to Lil Kim will play well with the Essence Fest crowd, there are a group of people who don't give a damn if she and Kim ever made up, me included.

Nicki should have taken time to squash any rumors that she has beef with Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. I don't care if Nicki really doesn't like them. She does not have to follow them or do a song with them. But, just start the new era where the focus is not on who she doesn't like or could be diss'n. That is Queen-era shit and that did not work out in her favor.

Also, we all remember how Joe quickly rushed out to tell everyone that Nicki did not like Megan, so it was the perfect platform to show you only got beef with being broke.



I have long said that Nicki Minaj should avoid doing the label thing and just do the ROC Nation management thing. So, when I heard she was going in that direction, I was intrigued. However, one thing I noticed about Nicki is she is not a good saleswoman. She did not seem excited to talk about it. She acted as if she was just over listening to professional managers and also wanted to save money, so she decided to start a management company, LOL.


Video Courtesy of Joe Budden Network


This is one of the reasons why I refuse to talk about Nicki Minaj and the blackballing. Not only is it OVER, but she won't even say the word. I don't know if it is because she is sitting and making money with one of the MEN who participated in taking her out, but this is pitiful. When talking about the release of her Queen album, she said, "I don't think I even presented myself correctly in terms of what I was saying and how I am saying it."

You can't constantly go around and try downing the girls with talks of payola and dick sucking, but when it comes to exposing the industry, you get amnesia. This is why I suspect Nicki took a deal to leave the men alone, but she can go at the girls cause female rap beef makes money.


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11 mar 2022

Yaya I respect you and your blog. I've been following and supporting you since 2018. I first found you on ig and when your page got deleted I found you again. I've been here on your blog, almost from the beginning. We've had disagreements, not arguing just agree to disagree. I've went so far as to taking up for you, in a chat when I felt like they said something wrong about you.

I've commented on so many post that you gave me GiftOfGab badge. I get back on here and you've taken that away. This is yours and you can do as you please. I just don't think anything I said warranted that. Don't think I'm mad about it,…

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
11 mar 2022

Wtf is this??? 😂😂 you say you refuse to talk about it, but write a paragraph About it??? Lmao!

thats so 2018… people move on. She’s moved on… I think it’s time you let it go. You said in your blog you wanted her to talk about the Nicki Minaj of TODAY but then get mad she didn’t mention the blackballing of the PAST?

Are you ok? Were you buzzed while you wrote this?

have you all noticed that most of her Nicki hate posts are super long… Nicki has all her haters pressed 🤦🏾‍♀️ 😂

Me gusta
Miembro desconocido
11 mar 2022
Contestando a

you still can’t answer my question???? 😂😂😂😂

Me gusta

Lmfao y’all need to realize when articles are CLOUT driven and they need activity on their page. Who wants to hear about beef.. again?! no one.. who wants to hear about being black balled again for the 30th time.. literally no one. also didnt you say in your last post this is 2019 all over again blah blah. The general public loved it, the fans enjoyed it, the older generation seems to like it the only ppl who are mad are cardi b fans lmfao and she said only those who are intelligent would enjoy it so makes sense why others didnt. Can’t wait to see what your going to put when her and Kim team up lol

Me gusta

I don't agree I think her going the "PR" route was smart. Play ya cards right. All the girls should be playing their cards right.

Me gusta

Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
10 mar 2022

Remember to "LIKE" the post....THANK YOU!

Me gusta
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