If Rihanna Dropped An Album Today, Could She Do A Billion Streams The First Month?


On the latest episode of the Say Less Podcast with Kaz, Lowkey, and Rosy, they debated if Rihanna dropped an album today would she do a BILLION streams in a month.

Rosy's argument for Rihanna doing a BILLION streams is that because it's been 5-years since Anti, people who are not fans of RiRi would also be streaming just to hear what she has to say.

With the way streaming is and how Spotify hands out Billion stream accolades every week, I think RiRi could do a Billion streams in a month, but ONLY if she gets the same media treatment that Drake gets when he drops anything.

It's popular for the media/fans to want to "humble" Black women who appear to have the whole world in their hands.




Putting a BILLION streams aside, I calculated Rihanna's first-week sales expectations based solely on past album sales. I did not use sales data prior to "Good Girl Gone Bad."

First, I was surprised to see that Rihanna never had a first-week sales hit over 240K. For some reason, I thought she might have had close to a milli the way people talk about her music.

Based on my calculations, Rihanna's expected first-week sales range would be between 166K-218K. Now, this is only using sales data. It does not take into account that Rihanna has not made any music, including no features, for 5-years and that she is probably more popular now than when she was a full-time artist. I know I wasn't that into RiRi. She was too "mean girls" for me. So, I think my calculations are too low.

Also, with how the media now plays a bigger role in helping or hindering an artist's project, I think most platforms will try to help her.

Let's not forget that streaming makes it so much easier for the casual listener to check out music. No more having to drive to a store and spend money. So, depending on how her rollout is, she can attract a vast number of curious music fans to stream, and with TikTok...yeah, she could easily shatter my calculations.

What are y'all thoughts on Rihanna's ability to do a BILLION streams in a month and first-week sales predictions?


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