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Iggy Azalea Sees A Whole Lotta Red When She Finds Out Playboi Carti Will Miss Son's First Christmas

UPDATE 12/27 3:05 PM PST

Iggy Azalea is still going off on Brandi...

I wonder if Playboi Carti's friends are feeding Iggy with info...hmmm.


UPDATE: 12/27

Iggy released some text messages between her and Playboi Carti...



Igga Azalea was on IG Live and she had WHOLE LOTTA things to say. Here are clips from that long ass IG live.


UPDATE 10:15 A.M.

Brandi responds to Iggy...



Iggy is not done with Playboi Carti. It's bad enough that Whole Lotta Skips is trending over his album, but Iggy has time this Christmas to hand out presents and coal. She claims that Playboi Carti has refused to sign the birth certificate of their son, Onyx, who they planned.



Playboi Carti dropped his new album "Whole Lotta Red," and that is precisely what Iggy Azalea was seeing after she found out he would not be spending Christmas with his son. Instead, he may be spending his son's first Xmas with some jumpoff.

Iggy took to Twitter to blast her Ex and spill some Kombucha. I guess Playboi Carti's new girl posted a message to him on social media. Iggy saw it and flipped. Allegedly, Carti has chosen to spend Christmas with the girl he was cheating with while Iggy was pregnant. He uninvited Iggy and their son to his album release party. Iggy claims Carti was just telling her how much he loved her and had a family vacation planned, but now he is with a girl who Carti had to hide in a closet.


Speaking of hiding in a closet; people are not feeling Playboi's album.


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Julia Alves
Julia Alves
25 de dez. de 2020

Poor Iggy, I feel bad for her and the baby.

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