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Is Cardi B's Political Image Only To Appeal To Judges And Jurors In Bartender Assault Case?

Video clip courtesy of UnwinewithTashaK


Last night Tasha K reported that the FEDS are essentially trying to play Star Brim and Cardi B against each other. It is not breaking news that law enforcement tries to play people against each other. I am sure all involved in Cardi and Star Brim's cases expected them to use this tactic.

Tasha claims that Cardi B is flipping on Star Brim over her posting a fire emoji under a TSR post about Nicki Minaj. If Cardi is flipping over that, then she was already flipping, LOL. As we know, Star Brim denies it was her who put the emoji. Most don't believe her. I find it interesting that Star would, allegedly, do that after someone captured Nicki Minaj liking a post about Cardi needs to do a song with her. I was told that was a "mistake" by Nicki. Something is going on, but we can look closer at that later.

Star Brim puts fire emoji under TSR post about Nicki Minaj's baby

Through all of Tasha K's dramatics, she did say something that caught my attention. She claims that the reason Cardi B is trying so hard to brand herself as some modern-day political warrior is to help with her assault charges and possibly get the FEDS off her ass. If she can show that she is not only no longer involved in gang activity but someone willing to help politicians get elected, she can garner high favor from those in the legal system.

I know people will say, "cArDi hAs aLwAyS sPoKe oUt oN iSsUeS." However, Cardi B is trying to place

herself as the REASON someone won an election. Nevermind, she was team, Bernie Sanders, first and got her ass handed to her by Candace Owens. Cardi B has completely skipped over being a student of politics to trying to be a leader. Besides stroking her ego, what is the rush?

I have been vocal about my belief that politicians making a big deal about WAP was part of a marketing plan. In a recent interview, even Megan Thee Stallion said she wondered how Republicans even knew about the song when they were supposed to be trying to win an election. Welcome to the world of Cardi, Megan.

Obviously, both Star Brim and Cardi B are going to do what they have to do to win their cases. Both are mothers, and both have something to lose. Now, as I pointed out in my "Are The Feds Building A Case Against Cardi B?" The FEDS know that Star Brim ordered the hit on the bartenders for someone else. Cardi B is charged for that crime but in lower courts. It doesn't take a genius to see where the FEDS are going, unless a deal is made, etc. As I mentioned in one of my updates, there was a mention of a plea deal for Star Brim months ago. For a plea deal, you have to give the FEDS something they want; otherwise, there is no incentive for a deal. What is it the FEDS want? They may not want Cardi because it's not like she was a high ranking member. They may just want to take down a boss and willing to let Cardi slide unless they wish to take down a huge rapper.

COVID is slowing down all the court cases, so we will have to wait and see. But, I will definitely keep

side-eyeing Cardi's "WAP," Wack Ass Political Talk.


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