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Is Drake's Certified Lover Boy An All-Star Compilation Album? (UPDATED)

UPDATED: 9/2 at 9:078 PM PST

Drake is posted the tracklist for #CLB and announced it's dropping at 2 AM EST. There are 21 tracks on this album. I thought he would have a shorter album until I saw all the features. "No Friends In The Industry" stands out to me.



While industry people are trying to convince everyone that Drake using Billboards to promote Certified Lover Boy is marketing genius, all I can think is, "Damn, these are a lot of features." I know Kanye is Drake's daddy, but unlike Kanye, Drake is not a producer/curator. So, unless he is doing a lot of posse cuts, it looks like again it will take a village for Drake to be successful.



Now, if this was a female rapper releasing an album with this many features...

Anyways, how do y'all feel about Drake essentially making an Elton John album?


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