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Should DreamDoll Be Added To The "Up Next" Conversation In Female Rap?




In female rap, we always hear people say, "She's up next." While much of that talk may be wishful thinking, there are signs that a girl may actually be "Up Next." No one makes it alone. You need a team.

So, when I noticed that Dreamdoll posted a photo of herself with Brooklyn Johnny, the guy who helped turn nothing into something with Cardi B, my interests are piqued. I know that Dream's "Ah Ah Ah" with

Fivio Foreign was released under Johnny's District 18 imprint, but other than that, I do not know exactly what their working relationship is. But, we know in this business, behind the scenes, people don't want to just make one star; they want to see if they can do it again. That is what separates the star makers from those who got lucky.

Brooklyn Johnny posted a video of Dreamdoll in the studio with legendary producer/ Verzuz co-founder Timbaland. With Dream's much-improved rap flow, freestyles, and killing her features, and now getting in the studio with the right people, is what "Up Next" looks like. I think it's time we start taking her seriously.

What do y 'all think?


*Up Next = charting, nominated for awards, one of the top choices for features


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