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Fans Think Gloss Up And Glorilla Are Beef'n? (Updated)

Updated: 10/27 at 12:47 PM PST

Gloss Up is out of her feeling and is ready to be friends with Glorilla and all the other people she blocked, LOL. I love to see it.


Rumor Is That Gloss Up and Glorilla Are Beef'n.


Rumor Me This...

The internet keeps fueling rumors that besties Gloss Up and Glorilla are beef'n after fans noticed the two no longer follow each other on Instagram. The two have not directly spoken on it, but Gloss Up has made tweets that make some believe the girls are no longer cool.

I will say this. I noticed that HitKidd was promoting Gloss Up's current single, "Alone," and Gloss Up did like the post. Next thing, these rumors start up. So, any issues they may have could be related to Gloss Up not taking sides in Glorilla's beef with HitKidd.

I hope things work out for both ladies.


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