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Is Iggy Azalea Cosplaying As Cardi B In New "I Am The Stripclub" Music Video?


Iggy Azalea released her new track "I Am The Stripclub," which features the House Of Balmain from HBO's Max "Legendary." I love that the Houses featured on the show are getting so much attention.

As for the song, it's not for me but I wasn't expecting it to be. I'm not in her demo. However, I saw an interesting tweet about Iggy Azalea. A writer tweeted, "Apparently, she is cosplaying as Cardi now."

Iggy Azalea cosplaying as Cardi B in new song I am the stripclub

In my best Alanis Morissette voice, "Isn't it ironic...don't you think?"... that this writer would talk about someone cosplaying as Cardi B considering her whole career is one big cosplay? But, putting that y'all see it?


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kbyte prez
kbyte prez
Jul 02, 2021

I see it now🤣🤣🤣🤣 and her song sound like something Joseline Hernandez would make!!!! Please let this start something, this would be the funniest rap beef since Bow Wow and Romeo😝😝😝 Maybe Iggy gave up on trying to be a black women maybe she wanna be a latina now😬😬😬

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