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Is Kash Doll Being Cheated On Or Is This Another EX Looking For Attention?



Don't tell me that Tracy T is cheating on Kash Doll?

Well, that is the rumor after Tracy's ex-girlfriend appears to be responding to some of Kash Doll's tweets.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Kash Doll was sending shots, "Don't y'all hat when a ugly hoe call you ugly??? Like ain't that delusional," "I'm not supposed to be entertaining a bish like you...," "Ok, I finally gave you some attention...remember this day." At the time I did not know who she was referring to.


In response, Tracy T's alleged ex-girlfriend posted messages claiming she was with him for years and made shit happen behind the scenes. She also thinks blogs are reaching out to support her. Girrrrl...🥴.


Kash doll being cheated on by Tracy T

The minute Kash Doll starts talking about her album is done, this drama happens.


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