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Before ya'll start asking me a thousand times how I feel about another rumor that Megan Thee Stallion is collabing with Ole Girl, here are my thoughts...SO WHAT? I thought Girls In the Hood was a collab song between the two??? Are they doing the remix???

Obviously, Ole Girl would be the last person I want Megan doing a collab with, but I also get that this is a

business. Unfortunately, Megan is not out of her contract, so she is still tied to Atlantic Records through her deal with 300. So, I wouldn't be shocked if they asked Megan for a favor or they forced her to do a song with Ole Girl. Remember, Bey told her she was doing the Savage Remix it wasn't a request.

I don't think Megan has a relationship with Ole Girl, but I think her team has relationships with Ole Girl's team, which I think Cardi mentioned. Well, they have an interest in keeping Ole Girl from flopping. So, they use another Black woman, Megan, to try to breathe life in her sinking ship of a career. Ever since Megan got that Nicki collab, people have been obsessed with hooking them up. However, this could be another rumor just to get people running around the internet upset lol.

If it is true, no I will not be canceling Megan. I will still support her the same way I support Nicki on her dud collabs, including a collab with Ole Girl.

P.S. The City Girls and Doja Cat collab is another odd pairing. This is QC working. Pee wanted to sign Megan...


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