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Last night, shock jock Tasha K fresh off her debut on Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio hopped on her popular Youtube channel, unWinewithTashaK, to spill some "wine" about rapper Moneybagg Yo. Tasha K is claiming that Moneybagg Yo, who is dating Megan Thee Stallion, is married to one of his baby mamas.


This story was very high on propaganda and very low on receipts, but at least we got wine.

Ten Years Strong

Tasha K claims that MoneyBagg Yo has been with his baby mama, Whitney "White" for ten years. Obviously, they have been co-parenting together for at least 10 yrs. That does not mean they are married. But it appears that Tasha K is using a viral post where Moneybagg Yo claims his relationship with Megan Thee Stallion is fake, and he has been with the same bitch for 10+ years. Karen Civil has come out and said that the post in question is false.

Tasha K reporting  a false story about Megan Thee Stallion dating a married Moneybagg Yo. It is proven Tasha K lied for views and clicks.
Unconfirmed Post by Moneybagg Yo

Let's not forget that in late 2018, Moneybagg Yo went viral because he was looking to get with Nicki Minaj. For a married man, he was shooting his shot with Nicki Minaj kinda hard. Moneybagg made it clear that due to this new status as a celebrity, he really felt he had a chance. So, this was more than a celebrity crush.

Tasha K reporting  a false story about Megan Thee Stallion dating a married Moneybagg Yo. It is proven Tasha K lied for views and clicks.

Moneybagg Yo spoke about Nicki Minaj three times, first on IG Live with Kevin Gates, second on Cigar Talk w/ Naji, and then during an interview with This is 50. Moneybagg Yo was not worried about no girlfriend or wife late last year.


When Tasha K said, "I had my lawyer working on it all day trying to pull the goddamn marriage certificate, but she didn't pull no divorce proceeding." Ok, but how would Tasha's lawyer find divorce proceedings, when she still hasn't found the marriage certificate? Tasha K did not show a marriage certificate. She basically wanted to read to the viewers about the stuff she saw or tell them her thoughts. She was definitely protecting herself with this story. Tasha's story so far is based on posts made by a baby mama and a need for content.




Tasha K seems to think that Whitney calling herself "Whitney White" on social media accounts is proof she is married to Moneybagg Yo. I would hope that her viewers would see the flaw in that thinking.

After watching Tasha K's video, I went to Whitney's public IG account and found the photos that Tasha K was talking about. She did buy her dad a car and her parents a house. Good for her. But, I noticed something about the photo where Whitney was talking about buying her parent's home.

Tasha K reporting  a false story about Megan Thee Stallion dating a married Moneybagg Yo. It is proven Tasha K lied for views and clicks.
Public Photo from Whitney's IG Account

Do you notice what I noticed and what Tasha K should have noticed? Behind the hand holding the keys are what look like the house documents. You see the name on that legally binding document...WHITNEY HOOKER. Don't start with the jokes. We are going to be mature here, meet over on my IG page to be messy. Why would you sign documents for a house not using your social media account name of Whitney White? Oh, maybe because she does not want to get in trouble for lying. A quick search on her IG business page shows her name is Whitney Hooker, not White. This is all public information that Whitney posted on the same social media accounts that Tasha K viewed.


The only thing I got from Tasha K's story is that Whitney supports Moneybagg Yo. She still may be in love with him. He takes care of his kids and her, the way he should. Their relationship seems very typical.


The real tea is that Tasha K's story had nothing to do with Moneybagg Yo. It was about tarnishing Megan Thee Stallion's image. There has been an attempt to make the public view Megan Thee Stallion negatively ever since she got hot and increased after signing with Roc Nation.

Huh, I got niggas, he got bitches we don't trip though Huh, hide the whip, so them hoes don't bust my windows

Now, I am not saying that Moneybagg Yo is not sleeping with Whitney "White." We all know that some men don't view sleeping with their baby mama as cheating. However, Tasha K knew that doing a story titled:


Would not provoke the reaction she wanted. She was not trying to have people feel sympathetic towards Megan. So, Tasha K went with MEGAN IS DATING A MARRIED MAN. We all know that the headline provokes an adverse reaction.

This is not any different than when people found out that Lauryn Hill was messing with Wyclef, who was married. Lauryn Hill, who was loved by many, ended up getting backlash when that news came out.

Tasha K reporting  a false story about Megan Thee Stallion dating a married Moneybagg Yo. It is proven Tasha K lied for views and clicks.

Tasha K put out a story with a headline that she could not back up with receipts. Now, if her lawyer ends up finding a marriage certificate, then I apologize, and this piece is null and void. But, from the video she posted, it seemed like it was just an attempt to get garner attention by making a Black female rapper look bad. It happens all the time when people feel a Black woman is getting too much praise. It's also a sign that Megan Thee Stallion may be getting too close to the crown.


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