Is Nicki Minaj's Hot 100 Debut At #2 With "Do We Have A Problem" A Flop?


The Billboard numbers are in, and they say that Nicki Minaj is not "the one" but, in fact, "the deuce, Blrrrrp."

Nicki Minaj and her comeback single, "Do We Have A Problem?" featuring Lil Baby, debuted at #2 on the Hot 100 despite her Barbz publicly engaging in a mass buying scheme to manipulate pure sales. Now, if this was any other artist besides Cardi B and maybe Drake, this would be a huge win. But some are calling this a flop. Since when is a #2 debut a flop? Oh, since when the Barbras went around and claimed Cardi B flopped when "UP" debuted at #2. They set Nicki Minaj up and then want to blame Billboard and blogs.

Nicki Minaj said she will go LIVE, so I will write more after the LIVE; however, I want to make something clear.


Pure Sales Ain't So Pure

This talk about pure sales from the Barbras is PURE bullshit. Their mass buying is just as manipulative as when labels would buy their artists' albums, Jay Z selling a million copies of 4:44 to Sprint just to go platinum on release day, and the streaming farms currently running rampant in the industry. It's all manipulation. So get off your fck'n high horses and drop the act like somehow y'all are playing fair and everyone else is cheating. Since when does playing fair include multiple emails and credit cards?

Now, I am not knocking the mass buying strategy cause it's done by many groups. However, the Barbras were dumb enough to be very loud with what they were doing even though they knew about the rule change and what Billboard was attempting to stop. It is STOOPID to thumb your nose at the biggest bully in the music industry and think they wouldn't tap that ass??? If the Barbras were a little more discrete, they might have gotten away with their shenanigans.


Streaming Was A Rule Change Too

Even though the Barbras put down streaming, let's not forget that Nicki Minaj needed those streaming numbers back in 2015 to prevent her album The Pinkprint from being considered a flop. The album had not even sold 1 million copies, but Nicki Minaj told her fans the project was triple platinum based on STREAMS. That is why she "fought" for streaming. It wasn't to help make things fair for artists; it was to feed her stats addiction. That is probably why there seems to have been no thought into how streaming could become so easily manipulated and nothing was put in place to prevent issues before it became the #1-way fans listened to music.


Now, Nicki Minaj should be very proud of her #2 debut. She should try to focus her Barbras' energies on pushing DWHAP to #1 next week or at least showing stability in the Top 10 instead of feeding their need to play victims. But, it will probably be the usual attacking others, making excuses, and throwing pity parties.


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