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Is Normani Dating Her Dancer Rameer "Bug A Boo Rocket" Colon?


A viral video of Normani with dancer Rameer “Bug A Boo Rocket” Colon at a Halloween party has her fans divided. The video in question shows Rameer leaning over to Normani, where she then kisses him on the cheek, and he captioned the video “wifey.” Some of Normani’s fans love the idea of them possibly being a couple, while others are not trying to hear it LOL.

Those opposed to the relationship think Rameer is an “Fck Boy.” Colon, who first got attention for being one of Beyonce’s “Beychella” dancers, caused some drama back in December when he dissed Beyonce amid claims Bey underpays her dancers. As you can guess, he was dragged…thoroughly. At the time he was working with Normani and later appeared in her "Motivation" music video.

He is very attractive and if the two are dating, I hope he doesn't turn messy bottom on her.


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Nov 01, 2020

He's definitely a looker, but I don’t like men who run they mouth.

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