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Is The Devil Getting Too Much Credit For The Astroworld Tragedy?

Fans Think Travis Scott Sacrificed Fans At Astroworld. Illuminati for career.


The tragedy that occurred a week ago, where 9 people ended up dead after attending Travis Scott's Astroworld, has garnered lots of media attention, speculation, and finger-pointing. While many people debate if Travis Scott/Live Nation should be held responsible or if it's just the risk of going to outdoor festivals, many others are blaming the devil.

If you join any of these discussions about Astroworld on CH or Youtube, it's hard to miss the speculation that this tragedy wasn't by accident but by design. They think that Travis Scott was sacrificing his fans to the Illuminati or, more strangely, to Kris Jenner for the 66th birthday.

With all this Illuminati and secret cult talks, someone asked an interesting question, "Is the devil getting too much credit for the Astroworld tragedy?"

I am interested in finding out what are y'all thoughts of all this secret society and cult talk surrounding the Astroworld tragedy?


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Nov 13, 2021

Yes I think the devil is getting too much credit. I know Jason Lee had an IG live asking people, who believed the concert was a ritual or satanic, to explain in detail what was satanic or demonic. No one could answer that question. Most of their answers were,”It’s just was demonic” or “ The bird that was on fire represented demonic symbolism”.

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