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"It's Giving Coke" Trends After Disturbing Video Of Nicki Minaj Goes Viral After Rolling Loud


Last night, Nicki Minaj surprised a Los Angeles crowd when she came out to perform with mentor Lil Wayne at Rolling Loud. However, that is not what is trending on Twitter. Instead, people are "mumblin and cacklin" about a video of Nicki Minaj appearing to be under the influence of some-THING after the show.

In a disturbing video captured by a fan, the former Queen of Rap is seen sitting in the back of a car dozing in and out of sleep as she switches between awkwardly stretching and licking her lips while holding a blunt. Even though Nicki's demeanor and facial expressions have raised red flags to those viewing the video, it did not seem to phase her fans, who appeared unbothered as they attempted to get pictures and record deals🥴.

Nicki Minaj could simply be high off some good Cali weed, but with "It's Giving Coke" trending again; obviously, many believe the "Ruby Red" rapper may have indulged in something a Lil more potent after her performance.

I am not a person who really cares what drugs people may or may not partake in; however, if you are a celebrity with a particular image or brand, it's just smart to keep that shit behind the scenes. You want people talking about your new single and label, not questioning whether you need rehab. Overall, this is a bad look for a shit-talking rapper to look shit-faced after a shitty performance.



Media personality Nosey Heaux Live, who is currently being sued by Nicki Minaj for allegedly calling her a "cokehead," wasted no time jumping on this story and will probably use this as part of her defense. She tweeted, "I smoke weed often enough to know that WEED DOES NOT DO THIS!"

Nicki Minaj Accused Of Drug Use After Rolling Loud Performance.

Now, this video does not mean people can go around calling Nicki a "cokehead," however, in the lawsuit, the "It's Giving Coke" hashtag was mentioned as if Nosey caused it to trend. Well, who caused it to trend today?

We will continue to watch this case.




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