NBA Youngboy is not having it with Kodak Black. After Kodak Black read a particular blog alleging that NBA

Youngboy was cooperating with authorities in the stabbing incident involving Iyanna Mayweather and another woman, he decided to give his unsolicited 2 cents. Kodak Black has lots of time on his hands to offer those pennies that no one wants to hear.

Well, what is interesting is that Iyanna was bonded out and went to NBA Youngboy's house. I assume the same house where the sh*t happened. She is in his bed right now. NBA Youngboy refers to Iyanna as his "wife," and Floyd Mayweather has "her bitch-ass daddy." Well, that lets me know a little something about Iyanna and Floyd's relationship. Whew, Chile!


Today, April 4th, news broke that Iyanna Mayweather, formerly known as Yaya, was arrested for

aggravated assault w/ a deadly weapon. She allegedly stabbed a woman, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs, during an argument over rapper NBA Youngboy. Yes, another fight over NBA Youngboy. What voodoo does he do?

According to multiple reports, Iyanna showed up to NBA Youngboy's house and found Jacobs there. Iyanna informed Jacobs that she was NBA's finance and asked her to leave. No reports on if NBA Youngboy realized he was engaged. Anyways, that when the two ladies started arguing. The argument escalated when the ladies ended up in the kitchen, and that is where Iyanna allegedly stabbed Jacobs more than once.

Yahoo News is reporting that Jacobs suffered non-life threatening injuries and underwent surgery. Iyanna bonded out for 30K.



Someone who cared about Iyanna should have gotten her help way before this situation. She appears to have an unhealthy obsession with NBA Youngboy, who, by his actions, has made it clear he does not want

to be with her. In Dec. 2019, NBA dropped a song titled "Dirty Iyanna," which flipped Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana." The song detailed their rocky relationship with verses like, "I see she won't leave me alone / She sliced the tires on my car." Iyanna and her mom thought it was cute as they posted a video of the two singing along to the song.

Back in February 2020, there was a video posted that allegedly showed Iyanna fighting another girl at a hotel over NBA Youngboy. Rumors were that NBA Youngboy told the girl to fight Iyanna, who at the time there were rumors she was pregnant.

Considering past domestic violence allegations against her father, Floyd Mayweather, and what she may

have witnessed as a child, this may be what Iyanna thinks this is a healthy relationship. For a girl with all her privilege to be chasing after a man who has "dead eyes," an STD, and appears to not feel the same way about her as she does him; make me wonder if this is a cry for attention from another man...her daddy.



What would this situation be without some words from currently incarcerated Kodak Black? He is worried about NBA Youngboy possibly snitching on Iyanna because that is the crucial part of this story.

NBA Youngboy responds to Kodak and associates who have something to say about him.

This is a soap opera.


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