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J Prince Still Talking About Megan's Dispute with Her Label 1501


J Prince is so annoying, LOL. You must have to be from Texas to appreciate his style.

Anyway, it looks like Ole Girl is not the only one who will be free from a bad contract. It sounds like Carl Crawford is willing to take some money to go the fck away, LOL. As if he wasn't going to get money anyway. Megan just wanted out of that 360. The way J Prince is talking is like Megan will not be with 1501 after he and Jay Z do whatever it is they are doing.

Megan Thee Stallion is the one who filed the lawsuit, so we will see if she drops it for a settlement cause J Prince just be running his mouth. I would love for this case to be over. Just give Carl Crawford some money so he can continue to ignore all his artists for Erica Banks, who probably is blackmailing him...allegedly. Let me stop...


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